Friday, September 28, 2007

48. Garden Review: Midtown Garden & Hinokicho Park (Roppongi)

Midtown Garden and Hinokicho Park make up 40% of total area of the Tokyo Midtown complex. The architects of Tokyo Midtown did an excellent job creating a true oasis in the heart of Roppongi.
Once part of the Japanese Self Defence Agency, Midtown Garden contains over 140 trees from the former site. The garden contains huge grassy lawns, a playground, walking paths, fountains, sculptures, and even a mini basketball court. For those who want to work outside, there are wireless LAN access points.
Hinokicho Park was once a garden attached to the residence of the Mori family, part of the Hagi Clan of the Edo Period. Hinoki means 'cypress tree', and there are many on the grounds. The trees and greenery surround a small pond fed by a bubbling stream, which is overlooked by a traditional Japanese teahouse.
If you visit Tokyo Midtown make sure you take some time to relax in the garden. You won't believe that the dirt, grime, and noise of Roppongi is right around the corner.

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